Steam & Fury 23 done and over

Thanks to all participants! Absolutely awesome event.

See you all next year!!

Warmachine tournament format update

In order to be inline with other tournaments, Warmachine tournament will be played with 100 point lists.

So tournament format will be:
– 100 point lists.
– 2 lists from same army. (prime, NOT unlimited)
– 60 minute deathclock.
– SR23, with no defences etc “new” elements.
– NO painting requirement (because of new releases due close to the tournament)
– Proxies are allowed if approved.

Steam&Fury goes Marvel Crisis Protocol

In addition to Warmachine, Steam & Fury will be hosting Marvel Crisis Protocol tournament at the same venue.

Tournament fee will be 40€ and depending on participation we will have either 2 smaller tournaments or one “larger”.

Number of players is capped at 16 atm, but can be incresed if there is more interest.

Regsitrations to:

Hotel and other info will be sent after registration.

See you at Steam & Fury!

Steam And Fury is back!

Steam And Fury will be back in 27th and 28th of May 2023.
Same venue as before: Sokos Hotel Royal Vaasa, Finland.



Due to the current state of the world, Steam & Fury 2020 has been postponed to a later date.

Those who already bought tickets will be refunded. If you wish to be refunded, email me at steamandfury (at)

If you do not want the monies back, you can keep the ticket as it will be valid when the new date is set.