Post Scriptum

It is all over.


2016 was as fantastic as I hoped it would be.

The new gaming area was big enough to fit all the tables nicely which was a big bonus after last year’s tight space. There was plenty of room to make gaming crouches without making butt-to-butt contact with anyone.

The schedule was loose enough for everyone to get a proper meal and we even got room to rearrange the Saturday schedule because of the Finland vs. Russia hockey game (which Finland won, by the way ) without stretching it too late.

People seemed to enjoy the event, which is always our main goal. I’ve already gotten some minor improvement suggestions and they have beenĀ noted. Our goal is to improve every year and it’s the gamer’s feedback that helps us improve. So please, if you attended Steam & Fury 2016 and have anything to say about the arrangements, feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments section, we’re happy to receive suggestions about how to make the next year’s event even better.

My sincere thankyous to each and every attendee for making Steam & Fury 2016 the most amazing Warmachine & Hordes event in Finland yet.

Best wishes,

Jani / Steam & Fury EO



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